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Christie Pollick

Hi, Wendy -- Thanks for your question, but could you please provide a little bit more clarification on what you are hoping to accomplish? Let's say out of 40 slides, 20 of them consist of client-provided information. Are you looking for a way to denote or specify which information is client information and which is not? Any additional details would be appreciated.

You are also welcome to share your file if you feel that would better illustrate what you are hoping for here. 

Wendy Moon

I have 20 client information slides. Before these is an intro slide
listing all the clients. I created an action for each name to link
directly to the client information slide.

I want to make sure this action carries over into Presenter. How can I
check that action is working?

Christie Pollick

Hi, Wendy -- Ok, so what you may want to try is hyperlinking each clients' company name from the list on the menu or intro slide to the page of client information itself. I have attached a sample file where you will see that I have Company A, Company B, and Company C listed on the Menu page, and the individual slides for each company.

By right clicking on Company A, I chose "Hyperlink" from the Menu that popped up, and adjusted the settings for each to link to the corresponding individual company slide (ie. hyperlink for Company A on the intro slide jumps to the slide for Company A).I repeated this for the other 2 companies, B & C, and I also added a red text box in the bottom right of each of the slides that hyperlinks back to the Menu page. 

I also was sure to Adjust the Slide Properties so that each was set to Advance By User, rather than advancing automatically. Please see below: 

Please check out the attached sample file and let me know if this is what you had in mind! :)