Content Looks Different on Android vs PC

Hello - I published a course to our LMS and checked the box "Include HTML5 Output" and "Use AMP for iOS or Android" but it looks different on an Android than it does on a PC.  The entire player is black on the Android (I have colors in the player) and the transcript/narration is on the left-hand side even though I checked the box to have it appear on the right-hand side.  Why would it look different?

Our LMS uses a composite window.  I don't know if that is causing this or not.  You cannot see the composite window when you log in using the AMP on the Android but you can see it when you're on a PC.

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Crystal Horn

Hello Sheri!  The HTML5 output currently isn't supported for Android devices, so Articulate Mobile Player will be the only option for those users.  You can see in the Viewing Content section of this article on the system requirements for Presenter '13.  From our Presenter '13 User Guide, we offer some information on publishing your course for mobile devices.  Also, for mobile devices, that article specifically addresses hosting your course on an LMS.  To track learners who view your content:

  • Deploy your presentation from an LMS that supports Tin Can APITin Can API is a communication standard that lets learning management systems (LMSs) receive tracking data from mobile apps. When you publish, choose LMS as your publishing option and mark the box to Use Articulate Mobile Player for iOS or Android. (If your LMS provider doesn’t support Tin Can API, we recommend that you urge them to do so.) Find out more about publishing for LMS here.

I hope that information gives you a bit of guidance when considering your mobile viewers!  By the way, you can read more about our plans for awesome mobile authoring and playback here (pages 9 and 10 are my go-to's).