Content not marking complete unless...

In order to complete eLearning courses, our learners need to set up their computer so that the LMS site is set in "Compatibility View."

Our CMS vendor is telling us that we're not publishing our content for all browsers -- that there are settings in Articulate Presenter (or even Storyline) that must be set that would allow the content to be viewed and completed in IE11 without compatibility view (or Firefox, or Google Chrome). If this is the case, where and what would those settings be?

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Leslie McKerchie

Oh, I apologize. Yes, I assumed Studio '09 because this has not been an issue with '13.

Are you utilizing the latest update of Studio '13, which is Studio '13 Update 2?

Here's how to publish an Articulate Presenter '13 course for LMS deployment.

Have you tested the content in SCORM Cloud to see if you can replicate the behavior? If you cannot replicate the issue, then you would need to look to your LMS for further assistance.