Content organized by levels

I have a course that has been organized by levels.

If a user is playing a screen in lesson 3 and clicks on the fold down triangle in lesson 1, the audio on the screen in lesson 3 continues to play. Is there a way to set the behavior to a state that if the triangle is click the level unfolds and the audio for the first screen in that level begins to play?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Deb,

I'd like to get a better understand of what is happening vs. what you'd like to happen in your file. 

What happens when you click the first slide in the Lesson 1: Introduction section? Does the audio from Slide 1.1 begin to play?

If you can record a quick screen recording to demonstrate, that would be helpful, too!

Deb Stoetzel

Sorry for the delay.
Attached is a screencast of the course.

When my client clicks on the triangle next to #1 for example, she thinks
that slide #1 should appear.
It makes sense to me that clicking on the diamond expands the screens and
clicking on a title plays the screen.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Deb,

Not sure if you meant to attach a screen recording here, but it didn't come through. Try clicking here to open the thread, then you can attach the screen recording to a new comment. 

In any case, your understanding is correct. Clicking on the triangle/arrow will only drop down the slide titles within that scene. Clicking on the slide title itself will play the selected slide.