Conversion Interaction to Glossary

We have an Engage interaction which is a Glossary of terms used in all our courses, which was created for Studio 09 and has now been converted to Studio 13.

We want to use the Glossary feature in the Studio 13 Player instead of the interaction.  Is there an easy way to copy the Glossary from the Engage interaction to the Player Glossary?

There are about 50 entries, each with a text definition/explanation, and we don't relish the task of simply entering them again from the keyboard! 


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Jon.  The glossary feature on the Player can only be built within the Player Properties window.  I'm sorry that I can't make that a little easier for you!

It's been brought up in previous discussions as a feature request idea; would you mind adding your thoughts for our team to continue to gauge the need for this function?  Thanks!

Tony Mills

A way to quickly convert an interaction (Glossary) to a Glossary in a Studio 13 player would have been good, pity no-one thought of it when S13 was being developed. In our case we are looking at 56 entries, each with a text explanation, written when we had Studio 09. It's quite doable, just a PITA.

But I guess the need for it could be high if there are a lot of users in the same position; created an interaction in S09, converted to S13, now want to use the Player Glossary feature. But that demand will be reducing as time goes on. Whether there is anyone who created an S13 interaction Glossary from scratch, when the Player Glossary was available, is another matter. Perhaps not many; why would anyone do that?.

With regards

Jon Cousens

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