Converting '09 to '13 issues

Please help.  I have lots of content that was created in Presenter '09 that contains numerous .MP4 videos.  The videos were embed from the Articulate tab in PPT, insert Flash Movie.  I need to convert these courses to a format that will be supported by Apple devices.  I thought all I had to do was upload the existing content into '13 and republish.  When I did this, the videos are black slides.

I then thought that maybe I needed to insert the videos normally (insert video) as either a .MP4 or .WMV.  That didn't work either.  Please help.

Terry Arthur

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Terry!

Have you published your content yet?

When inserting a video or a Flash (SWF) file into Articulate Presenter, you may find that the placeholder image in PowerPoint is a white, black, or transparent rectangle. Although it'll work as expected when you publish, it can be difficult to see the placeholder while you're developing your course. Here are a couple suggestions to make the placeholder easier to select.

Terry Arthur

Hi Leslie,

Thank you for the reply, but maybe my original post was not clear.  I have lots of content that I have created in '09, published and posted to my LMS.  Ipad and Iphone users are having difficulty viewing my courses.  Many of those courses have .MP4 video embedded in the manner I described previously. 

What I want to do is take that same content, republish with '13, post to my LMS and have those same Apple users not have any difficulty.  I was told previously by someone with Articulate sales that all I need to do was republish and repost.  But when I do that, I do not get the expected results.  What do I need to do to make this happen?

Thank you again for any assistance.

Leslie McKerchie

I apologize Terry!

Here's how to publish an Articulate Presenter '13 course for mobile devices.

If you still have difficulty, perhaps you could share one of the courses for me to take a look at.

If you could share the '09 version of the Articulate Package, I'll upgrade and republish to see what results I get.