Converting Articulate Studio e-learning to run on mobile platforms including windows mobile

I have a course developed and published from Articulate Studio 9 (with lots of quizzes, engage interactions and videos) and need to make it run on mobile devices, in particular Windows Mobile. It is 6 modules of about 45 minutes run time each.

From what I've read so far, Studio 13 seems like the best bet if I don't want to change anything - can anyone confirm this? Has anyone tried this?

What are the pros and cons of Storyline instead?

If I do go to Studio 13 and publish in HTML5 for windows, what browser support does that offer?

How automatic, simple or complex is the conversion process? Is there any way of estimating roughly the effort and time involved?

Will everything work exactly as it did before or are some features not upwardly compatible or do they perhaps operate differently?

What is performance likely to be on a mobile device over a mobile 3G or 4G network? Does Articulate 13 allow the content to be downloaded on the device? If so, what control over the content is available to stop it being ‘stolen’?

Can it be downloaded onto the user’s PC then easily copied across to the mobile device?

Should I re-visit the user interface design to accommodate the smaller screen size or does Articulate do some clever stuff such as make buttons and text larger where needed?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or recommendations!

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Leslie McKerchie
Hi Bryan!
Hopefully some users will be able to chime in and assist you here, but as far as technical aspects, you can compare Storyline 2 and Studio '13 here.
All of our system requirements for both authoring and viewing can be found here
This article should help you understand the differences you may notice with your courses after updating.
My best advice would be to download the 30 day trial of Studio '13 and just try it out :) Back-ups of your files will be saved when you update so you can still utilize them in '09 if you decide not to upgrade. 
Since you are looking for HTML5 support, it sounds as if you are going to need to upgrade though.
Bryan McCrae

Hi Leslie

Thanks for your reply.

I've looked at the materials that you suggested which are all very
helpful, and have downloaded and am experimenting with Studio 13.

However I've also read elsewhere that support for Internet Explorer 11,
on a windows mobile phone (8.1) is not complete, in particular for PPT
animations and Engage interactions. Can you please let me know if there
any known issues with it ?

Kind Regards


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