Converting Articulate to Adobe Presenter

Due to a change in our client's IT infra structure we can no longer launch our Articulate materials.  We need to convert these Articulate resources to Adobe Presenter.  Saw a help page on this but couldn't make sense of it as it talked about a Conversion Dialog box, but we have never heard of these or know how to find them.

Many thanks.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi David,

Unfortunately, I haven't worked with Adobe Presenter. I've heard a few things about the software, but I'm unsure how you would import a presentation from Studio products. Are you able to share the link you found regarding the import process? I've found information for importing Adobe into Articulate, but not the other way around. If you can share it, maybe I can take a look at it and see if I can help with the process.


Christine Hendrickson


I believe this is the section of the document you're referring to:

Open an Articulate Presenter file in Adobe Presenter

Files created in Articulate® Presenter can be opened and edited in Adobe Presenter. The original Articulate presentation is never modified; a copy of the presentation is converted and opened in Adobe Presenter.


Using Adobe Presenter 7


The Articulate assets folder should be available along with the Articulate presentation file. Without the asset folder 

and its contents, Articulate features cannot be imported into the presentation when it is opened in Adobe Presenter.

Adobe Presenter supports most Articulate Presenter data, including Flash, audio, and quiz information (as long as 

the Articulate Presenter assets folder is available). The following Articulate Presenter features are not supported: 

Learning Games, Engage Interactions, Insert Web Object. 

Adobe Presenter does not support all Articulate Presenter question types. Unsupported questions are not imported 

during the conversion process. A detailed log report (ConversionLog.log) is generated at the end of the conversion 

process and provides details about the conversion, including any dropped questions. 

Import a presentation created in Articulate Presenter

Files created in Articulate Presenter can be opened and edited in Adobe Presenter.

1 In PowerPoint, open a presentation (PPT or PPTX file) created in Articulate Presenter.

2 In the conversion dialog box, click Yes.

3 Choose a name and save location for the converted presentation.

4 (Optional) To view information in the conversion log file, click View Log. (You can also use Windows Explorer 

at any time to view the log file. Navigate to the location you specified in step 3, right-click the ConversionLog.log 

file, and select Open with > Notepad.)

    5 After the conversion process finishes, click Close.

6 In Adobe Presenter, edit the new, converted file and add Adobe Presenter features as desired


Another Adobe article on this can be found here, but it provides the same information above.

It does sound like there's a step missing in that process, but without having access to the software, I can't really give you any suggestions on this. I'm honestly not sure what dialog they're referring to in this article. You may want to consider contacting their support, or requesting information on Adobe's support forums for some suggestions. 

Let me know what you find out.