converting from Adobe Presenter


I have one module I authored in Adobe when I used its free trial. I've done others in Articulate and obviously it is the better tool. My problem is that I need to make edits to my Adobe-authored module. Is there a fast way to convert?

If your suggestion is to import the audio files, is there a fast way to do that? There are 40 slides, each with an average of 30 seconds of audio synced with animations. I'm just looking to avoid re-doing all that work.

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Sue Cordell

Question:  Our corporate software for a number of years was Adobe Presenter (initially Breeze).  However we have switched to Articulate.  Are there step-by-step instructions available for converting a presentation from Adobe to Articulate?  I know from experience there is more impacted than just the audio.

Cindy  Stumpf-Schlauch

I have the same question as Sue. I was told that Adobe Presenter can be converted to Articulate Presenter.  However I can not get the audio or any of the Adobe Presenter set up info (SCORM settings, slide info, etc) to come into Articulate Presenter.  It only recogizes the pptx, and not the Adobe Presenter folder with the audio and other info.  Any "how to's" for this process?