Copying published htmls


I usually make several trial runs before the first release, but after publishing each of them I get the same results; when I copy the folder from My Articulate Projects to another location, the presentation file does not work.

The html_5 file does open, but when it plays via the web browser it is a bit sketchy; pics are not clear and text seesm out of focus. Worst of all, some animations do not work at all.

If I open the presentation file directly from the Articulate projects location it works great the way it should.

So I guess my question is two-fold: why does the html_5 version work so poorly?; and why can I not copy the published folder to another location and play the presenter file?




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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Leslie!

How are you publishing and sharing the files to be viewed? Your description sounds like you may still be viewing locally, which will certainly cause some issue. 

Be sure you are publishing, uploading, and sharing the published files as explained here.

If you were wanting users to view locally, we advise publishing to CD. 

Also, regarding HTML5, be sure that you are viewing in a supported browser as specified here utilizing the latest update to Storyline 2, which is now Update 11.

L. Cree

Leslie thanks for the reply.

Well i've been just publishing with the LMS, but to local hard drive. (I guess the publishing process is the same for Presenter as for storyline).

And I also publish to Articulate online and Web and CD, just to make sure.

I just thought publishing LMS provided you with the material to share with the LMS client, not realizing it should be zipped.

Glad you pointed me in the right direction, I'll need to do the fine tuning as pointed out in your link.