Copying slides with narration into a new Presenter module file (audio won't play in new file)

Sep 01, 2015

I have two modules I am working on in which I want to borrow slides from previously produced Presenter files. When I copy just those slides into another file, the slides don't play the audio. The audio status bar rolls across slowly, as if the audio is there in the background, but it won't play audibly. I've checked to make sure the volume is turned on and loud enough, etc. What is the deal? Will I have to re-record those slides for my new files?

The audio was created by using the record feature in Presenter. 

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Jerry Carden

But I recorded the audio using the Presenter program record narration option, I didn't insert separate audio files. I can't figure out how to even find the audio files, or if I can when they are created from within the Presenter program. I've looked all over and can't seem to find separate audio files. BUT as I type this I realize that maybe they are in the mess of all the zipped up files that get created when I do the zipping.... so I'll look there.


Jerry Carden

OMG Leslie!! I'd love to buy you a drink! You just saved me a WHOLE bunch of time. I find that I can scour documentation for hours and not find the exact steps I need to take. You've helped this partly retired old timer with something I've been trying to figure out for over two weeks now! I was able to export, import and then even edit the audio to tweak it a bit for the purposes of the new program the slides are being developed for.


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