Copying to remote desktop

Hi - I work remotely and access our company's shared drives using a remote desktop connection. I created interactions in Studio '09's presenter, engage and quizmaker (as individual interactions, as well as interactions published within presenter) - I then publish to CD and zip the files using the "Zip" option once the presenter, quizmaker or engage file is published. I then log onto remote desktop and from here navigate to the desired shared drive and folder, I then copy/paste. In the process, although all files transfer, the "Launch Presentation" file does not work, instead an Internet Explorer file called "Player" is created and that is the only one that my colleagues can play. Would it be best for me just to burn the interactions on CD and mail?

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Katherine Herbert

No - my company does not allow us to use dropbox... etc...etc... so my only option was to transfer files via VPN then past onto remote desktop...hmmmm.... do you think If I packaged the articulate ppt presentation, and then got a colleague to publish at their end, this would work better?