Correcting spelling in search


I was really embarrassed when a user contacted me to ask me how to correct a spelling error when she typed a word in the Search field (left-hand tab with outline, etc.). I tried it--made a typo and went to backspace and correct. I was quite surprised when backspace didn't erase/undo it, as this seems to be something so basic. Is there another way? Did I miss something? Are users forced to proceed, get "no matching results" and then try again? I hope not!


Janet B

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Janet Bernhards

I'm amending my post slightly. After doing some further research on the forum, it looks like if my content is posted on the web, the backspace function works.  However, this will not help my large number of CD-type users. I still hope I'm missing something. Trying to position the cursor (w/out cursor keys, which also don't appear to work) and use the delete key would have people throwing tomatoes at me. (I tried it, and it's faster to search on the wrong entry and try again!... but try explaining that in your navigation instructions!Ugh!)