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Katie Riggio

Greetings, Ignacio!

I haven't seen similar reports as of yet, but let's take a closer look.

  • Tell me more about your experience. Does a crash report appear when publishing, are the characters missing or incorrect?
  • What font are you using? Does the problem happen when using a unicode font, such as Arial Unicode MS or Microsoft Sans Serif?

Any insight you can provide there would be greatly appreciated!

massimiliano cardella

Hi Katie, 

I have the same issue, the characters are ok in each slide, but after I publish the course the same characters appears corrupted or the accents on top of each letter are not displayed or they are in wrong position.

The font that I am using is Articulate, result is ok inside storyline bad after publishing.

I have tested arial unicode MS bad on slide and after publishing.



Lauren Connelly

Hi massimo!

It looks like we see a similar output on our end where Thai characters appear corrupted and displayed incorrectly. I'm adding your comments to our current bug report to update you when we release a bug fix for corrupted Thai characters. 

A few customers have shared a workaround is to disable Modern Fonts. Please let us know if this helps in your case as well!

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Guangfei, and welcome to E-Learning Heroes! ✨

I am sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue!

Have you tried enabling or disabling Modern Text

You can disable it by going to the Design tab, clicking the Fonts drop-down menu, and checking or unchecking Use Modern Text at the bottom of the list. 

Let me know if this works!