Couple of questions

Hi all. I've been using Articulate for about a year and have been steadily advancing our courses to be more interactive for the user. I have run into a couple of issues and need some ideas on how to fix them. I'm sure they are quite simple for some of the more experienced users out there.

 1) I am attempting to illustrate the flow of electricity through a series of devices to show the theory of operation. I am using several identical curved lines laid over each other with a wipe animation. This is working sufficiently on all but one slide. On the slide in question, the wipe animation move perfectly over the master slide graphics in PPT. But when published to Articulate, the animations end up off centered from the base level.

2) The course I am working on is an update from a previous course with virtually every slide having been redesigned. There are two slides that had annotations that are no longer being used. How do I remove the annotations from the slides without having to recreate the slides themselves?

Thank you in advance for any ideas.  

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Brendan Strong

TO answer your first question: 

I must confess, I've never found a solution to the issue and end up taking different roads. So, I'll be watching other responses with interest!

Have you considered taking the animation off of PPT slides, and using an Articulate interaction instead? I don't know your content intimately, so please bear that in mind, but I might suggest:

Using a Guided Image interaction, with the main image being the circuit/ device "in operation"

Then, for each of the "moments" of operation, use a label which describes what is happening. You an use each of the images (with zoom) that contribute to the images that animate in your current PPT.

If you have the ability, you could record all your animations building up, convert them to a SWF, then use the SWF as a "Summary" to show all the steps happening in a fluid movement (Camstudio/Camtasia or Open Office Impress *might* let you simply record the animations in PPT to publish as a SWF).

Second question:

It depends how the annotations were put in. In most cases, you should be able to hover over them until the mouse changes (from pointer to + with arrows at the end) (indicating it is hovering over a text box/comment), then click to select the text box, then delete - just make sure it IS the right annotation/text box and not an image you've selected).  

If the annotations are within images, you'll need to create new images - but you can do this without deleting your whole slide- just take the source images (if you have them) and remove the layers that have the annotations. 

I'm not sure if this has helped you at all, but I hope it has.

Best of luck