Course Completion

Hi All,

I work for a number of different organizations with different LMSs. One common thread is having intermittent problems with the courses showing up as "complete" in the LMS. In addition to everything else I have tried and continue to test, I was just wondering if changing from "completed/incomplete" to "pass/incomplete" should have any effect on course completion in the LMS? (There are no quizzes in the courses.)

Thanks in advance!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Keith, 

Here is a great article that can help you clean up common LMS issues, specifically as you mentioned changing from "complete/incomplete" to "pass/incomplete" is mentioned a littler more than half way down.  I'd suggest to test it out and make sure it's still reporting out what you'd like. 

Keith Kemsley

Hi Ashley,

I don't think the article you listed answered the question in my post, but I did find a web article which seems to suggest that when there is no quiz and the course is published to SCORM 1.2 that completed/incomplete and pass/incomplete should send the exact same information back to the LMS. (See SCORM 1.2. chart halfway down the page.)