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May 26, 2011

We are trying to find a way to track completion of a course with multiple degrees of content for various topics targeting different segments of our employees. Is there a way to have Presenter track completion based on the user selecting the quiz that applies to the content for their role. So far, we have only been able to select one quiz to track completion but we would like to select multiple quizzes.  

Ex. Learner would take quiz one if they are a general employee or Quiz 2 if they are a manager. Our goal is Presenter would track completion on either one.

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Cindy Goldizen

We are trying to avoid creating different presentations so that our employees don't have to take each topic as a separate course. 

In this example: We are working on a General Privacy course that includes FERPA regulations, CCA regulations, GLBA regulations, HIPAA regulations, etc. All of these topics are centered on privacy and there would definitely be redundant information included if we broke these out to be individual courses. We are trying to reduce the amount of time, redundancy, and courses required for each of our employees but not sure how to track that each employee got the right level of information needed (per training requirements from those regulations as they all vary). In this example, FERPA has different impact to employees that interact with our students (we are a school) and requires additional training for that group than the rest of our employees. HIPAA has  different requirements for leaders vs employees within the firewall, etc.

Our structure right now is a general storyline that covers the 'general privacy' information that all employees need to know. When we refer to a specific topis (for example FERPA) we would have an option for employees to select - Are you a student facing employee or a home office employee? Student facing employees would go down a 'rabbit hole' of information that is exclusively needed for their role and then return to the main storyline to complete the general training. Each topic would have a rabbit hole for the appropriate employee group. Now our problem is tracking the right quiz since it would vary for each employee group.

This is a long response but I hope it clarifies what we hope to do and why it makes sense to try to do it!

Tanya Samuels

Is there a way to track multiple criteria in one SCO? For example, in my module I have a test that must be passed at 80% on slide 2. In subsequent slides, there are statements the student must read and agree to (4 sets of  branched yes/no buttons).

If they agree to all four statements and receive 80% on the previous quiz, then the SCO should mark complete.

Is there a way to track this way - supported or unsupported? Thanks!

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