Course completion - view all interaction items?

Jun 01, 2011

Hi - sorry if this is a duplicate - I did not see my first post.

We are setting course completion to view all slides. Does this mean that the learner has to view each item in an Engage interaction and answer each question in a quiz to get "credit" for that slide? Or do they just need to access the slide containing it?

Also, hidden slides are included in the count, right?

Finally, the client wants to know if Articulate tracks which slides were NOT viewed and if this can be passed to the LMS. I don't think so, but can anyone confirm?


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Dwayne Schamp

In my experience, they just have to access the slide for it to be considered "viewed". And yes, the hidden ones do count.

For engage and quiz, they also, only have to be viewed on the screen and not actually done. Unless you set the properties for each so the learner has to view all areas of them in order to continue.

Somewhere in there is the array that tells the reporting code that all the slides have not been viewed, but never dove that deep or tried to extract that. I'm know it CAN be done, just not sure if Articulate can do it.

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