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May 01, 2013

After publishing an updated PowerPoint presentation and upload the file to our LMS, the content is blank when we launch the course.  Up until yesterday, we have updated and republished our PowerPoint courses without issue.


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Peter Anderson

Hi Sara, 

Have you made any changes to your LMS server, by any chance? 

You might want to try testing your course in SCORM Cloud to help us determine if the issue is Articulate-related or if it's on your LMS's side. If it appears in SCORM Cloud as well, we'd be happy to take a closer look at what might be going on. If you can't replicate the issue in SCORM Cloud, it's probably an issue that you'd want to take to your LMS team. 

The articles here and here may also help clear up common LMS issues.

Let us know what you find...


Peter Anderson

Hi Sara, thanks for testing.

It sounds like the course may not have been published and / or zipped properly then. Please make sure you're following all of the steps when you publish for LMSThen click the Zip button on the Publish Successful dialog, and upload that zip file to your LMS.

Is it possible your course isn't being zipped properly? 

Sara Friesen

I believe we are publishing and zipping properly; however, we do complete the zip process differently.

After we publish the course, we navigate to the folder and right click the imsmanifest.xml to select Send To>Compressed(zipped) folder. Once this is done we copy the entire folder to either our test or production LMS server.  We then upload the zip file to our LMS.

Peter Anderson

Hey Sara, 

OK, in that case, I'd at least see if using the built-in zip option resolves the issue. It'll automatically create a well-formed zip file.

If you manually zip the output files, make sure that you only zip the contents of the output folder, not the folder itself.

For zip creation to work properly, the full directory path of the publish location needs to be less than 256 characters in length, including the name of the zip file itself.

Also, please be aware that working on a network drive or publishing to a network drive can cause erratic behavior. You should edit and publish your content on your local hard drive (typically, your C: drive).
Let us know...

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