Course not completing or tracking time in LMS

We recently created a course in Presenter and published to SCORM for our LMS (Cornerstone OnDemand).  The course is tracking time in the course and completion for some, not all users.  I am working with the LMS vendor to see if there is an issue with the system.  But wanted to check to see if anyone else had experienced this and what I should check for. 

The course automatically advances for the user so there is no opportunity to for the user to skip any pages and completion was set to "all slides".  My first thought is that people were closing it on the 2nd to last page but for some users who did take the course they show 00 time in the course and an incomplete status.  If they went all the way to the second to last page they should have spent a good 30 minutes in the course. 

Any thoughts? 


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Brian Batt

Hi Kathleen & welcome to Heroes,

It sounds like the LMS is having trouble accepting the data that your LMS is sending you.  Please please refer to the following Word of Mouth Blog article, which outlines common issues pertaining to viewing and tracking content in an LMS:

Be sure to package your Studio '09 files properly for your LMS using the method described in this article:

If the issue persists, be sure to open a support case with your LMS provider, since they are your primary source of support for LMS tracking and reporting issues.

Kathleen Didio

It was an issue with the LMS, it was set to time out if the user was inactive for more than 20 minutes.  The course was about 45 so the LMS was timing out while the course was running in another window.  We resloved it by changing the setting on the LMS to not time out until there was 60 minutes of inactivity.  Kathleen