Course Not Loading in IE8

Aug 06, 2013

We recently relaunched a course from last year to our employees (it's an annual requirement course). The course was orginally created in Presenter. When the course was rolled out last year, we had no problems with the launch or with employees accessing the course.

This year, however, none of our employees can launch any courses that were created with Presenter if they're using Internet Explorer 8 (IE8). Those exact same employees are able to access and complete our Storyline created courses without problem.

As recent as 2 weeks ago, employees with IE8 were able to access the course.

Any suggestions on what could have changed that would cause IE8 not to display only Presenter (and not Storyline) content?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ira,

I know you want them to be able to access it within IE8, but are you able to try it in another browser to see if it's something with the browser settings in IE8 or something with the published file? Once you've determined if it's the file or the browser, we'll have more information to share in a Support case.   You'll need to follow these directions to package your Presenter file and send to us on the second page of the Support case submission. 

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