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Feb 08, 2011

Hello all - I'm having a problem with some of our articulate courses tracking correctly in our LMS. Here are the details....

LMS - Cornerstone Ondemand

Articulate Version - Studio 9 - Latest update

SCORM Version - 1.2 - tracking set to Complete/Incomplete - Number of slides viewed - (must view all slides)

Course Details - A simple powerpoint presentation with some navigation - total of 24 slides - was publish with the exit button. 

Expected Behavior - once an individual pages through all the content, the LMS will record a Completed Status.

Actual Behavior - when someone pages through all the content and exits the course, either by closing the window or using the exit button, the course pushes an "incomplete, suspend" to our LMS (Cornerstone OnDemand).

I've done some searching and came across the  9 Ways to Troubleshoot Articulate & LMS Issues page. It was helpful, but I haven't been able to rectify the problem.

I loaded the course in scorm cloud and was having the same is the link to the SCORM Engine Debug Log for the course. SC is giving me a Completion of "incomplete" and a score of "unknown" and a success of "unknown". 

In addition, I ran the course through the ADL "TestSuite1.2.7ST" and it came through as "Package is SCORM Version 1.2 ADLCP-PIF1 Conformant"

The funny thing is that this is only happening to a handful of courses, not all of the courses. Does anyone have any ideas? Am I missing something obvious? I'm about at my wits's like chasing a ghost...haha..

FYI - I've attached the zip file of the course...

Thanks in advance for your help....


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Brian Batt

Hi Vinnie & welcome to Heroes,

Looking at your course, it's currently set to track according to the completion of a quiz.  Thus, you'll need to republish your course & then click on the Reporting & Tracking button.  Then, select the Tracking tab.  Finally, choose the option to track using the number of slides viewed & republish your presentation.

Rick Carver

Brian & Vinnie,

Well, I found the problem.  When taking the course using Mozilla Firefox  ver 9.0.1, the course would show In Progress  (incomplete) on our Cornerstone LMS system.  Did the  course using Internet Explorer, all worked fine.

Vinnie, I had a quiz (graded) so I used track quiz results.

Guess I may open a support case to see what I can uncover regarding Firefox as it is a very pervasive browser, about  25% market share. Obviouly will need to look at the LMS/IE as well



Justin Wilcox

Hi Rick. You may want to check this thread out here:

It sounds like setting a quiz to close the browser window may resolve your issue. If there is an issue with simply closing the browser window and tracking in Cornerstone I would contact them as that would be an LMS specific issue. Another possible solution would be to incorporate the Exit tabin your player template:

I know that in some LMS' the exit tab will always report a completion accurately whereas closing the browser window might be problematic.

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