Course not working in LMS SCORM 1.2

I have a course created by a vendor.  It is number 8 in a series 0 through 10.  Courses 0-7 and 9-10 all work.  Course 8 has not worked.  We have to modify the imsmanifest file to suppress the player window of the LMS plus add some other code. 

I noticed each time I published this course, it does not have text in the manfiest identifier <manifest identifier="PMO_Step_08" version="1.0".  It was blank in previous versions.  I tried to add it myself but that did not work.  Each time I published, it was blank.  I made some minor edits to the settings but each time it still produced without the name in the file.  I changed to produce to AICC instead of SCORM 1.2.  Then came back to SCORM 1.2 and this time the title was there.  Should this matter?  Why would 10 courses work and 1 would not? All published by the same vendor.

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