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Jan 21, 2012

I have a small problem with the course outline.  When I publish a course, one slide shows the little, black, "triangle" next to the slide implying there is a level below the slide, but there is not.  Originally, I did have some level 2's under the slide, but then reverted back to all slides being level 1's, but the "triangle" still is there as if it it did not clear it out.  Not sure how to make that go away.  The presentation works find, but it is just a minor appearance flaw.  

Anyone ever have that happen?  Appreciate any help.  

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Alecia Teel

I tried copying the slide, and as long as it does not appear before the two hidden slides that come after it in the proper order, the triangle doesn't show. I tried copying those hidden slides as well, but I got the same result. The arrow appears incorrectly on two Level 1 slides where several subsequent slides are "hidden" -- although there is another Level 1 slide with two hidden slides following that does NOT have the triangle appear.

I've tried to troubleshoot today, but I need to get the final presentation published, so I think I'm just going to have to let it go. I was hoping that someone knew the exact cause and an easy solution!

Peter Anderson

Hi Alecia,

The default template that is used to publish or preview a presentation is the last template you published with, not the template you're currently editing. To apply a particular player template to your presentation, you must use the Publish feature or the Preview feature. This article explains more. 

If you're still having trouble, please feel free to contact our support team for additional help. Thanks!

Alecia Teel

Articulate Support gave me the solution! The slide that I didn't not want to show in the navigation was set to Level 2, but because it was Hidden, I couldn't see that in the Slide Properties (when you hide a slide, the Level displays as a " - " instead of showing the level number). So I unhid the slide, changed it to a Level 1, hid it again and then when I published the triangle was not there.

It's nice to use a product with such terrific customer support!

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