Course updates not visible

We have been testing a pilot version of an Articulate training module; one of our team members has a laptop that does not playback the most resent version we publish.  Other systems that test the material from the same location on the server have no problem.  It is specific to the laptop settings with IE/Flash (?); we’ve tried deleting all internet cached files and temp files, reboot, etc.  We are wondering if anyone else might have a suggestion to try.

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Todd McQuage

Justin, the training plays as though the updates never took place; for example, let's say you changed a graphic on a slide, and then you published over the top of the old training.  We have one team member that does not see the update.  Everyone else see the new graphic.  We've tried deleting his temporary internet files ... the works.   One thing he did mention recently is that he did not update his Flash player, we are going to give that  a try and see if it helps the situation.  (Realize this is not unique to Articulate, and more a machine specific issue, but figured someone may have had the problem before).

Phil Mayor

Flash caches seperate to the internet cache, you can delete all the flash cache files , ccleaner would do this.

It may be your internet provider uses some sort of prefetch, or caching based on ip addresses, the best way round this we find is to update a course with a new name instead of copying over it