Course Won't Advance Past First Slide

May 02, 2012

Hi everyone,

After publishing a course (a systems tutorial) and posting it to our website, I've come across a strange issue. Although the course works for everyone else, we have one user who is unable to advance past the first slide. He's able to see all of the first slide's content and hear all of the audio, but at the end of the slide, he can't go any further. When he clicks the next button, the web browser goes black. Has anyone else seen anything like this happen? Any ideas as to what might be causing his trouble? His Flash and Java plug ins are up to date.


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Alison L Coops

Was there a resolution to this?  I have 2 users with similar issues.  We've already made sure they have the current Flash player.  On 2 different courses.  One gets to slide 16, then they're not able to advance to an animated intro to an embedded flash video.  The other gets to slide 7 then is unable to advance to a hidden slide with a lot of object animation.  If you need more information, what do you need?  Thanks.

Christine Hendrickson

Good morning Alison!

Since you've already ensured that the Flash player is updated, you may want to have them clear their browser cache. Also, what web browsers are they using to view the content? If possible, see if they can view the content in another browser (If they're viewing in Internet Explorer, for example, have them try Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox). 

If they're unable to view the content in any browser, please let us know.


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