Create an effect of a hand with pen, crossing off items on a list

Apr 20, 2011

Here is the screenr I created that describes how I made this happen.

Here is a link to the pptx & ppt version of these slides and images.

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Chris Willis

Jeanette Brooks said:

Chris Willis said:

Okay I will do that, and I was also thinking, adding to Tony's idea.  How would i make that hand crossing lines out through "Links" be an interaction?  I was thinking on having people hit the hyper links, but when they finish the scene it would be brought back to the menu slide and then have the hand cross out the area they just visited.  Is this possible?

Yes, definitely possible! Attached below is one way you could accomplish Tony's idea. Each menu item is covered with a hotspot which takes the learner to a different section. Once they hit the "Back" button on each section, it takes them back to the menu slide where the hand crosses the item off.

Thanks a bunch that is exactly what i was looking for.

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