Creating a bilingual course

I would like to create a single course in our LMS that can be taken in French or English. Since the LMS does have  the ability to consider the French and the English course as the same course. (We have mandatory courses and working out that a person must take MBCA French or MBCA English is much harder than saying a person must take MBCA FR-EN).

My first attempt in Storyline was to have two buttons English and Français branching to English or French portion. The problem with this is that the Outline showed both the French and English, the Resources and Glossary were confused with both languages.

Since I am working in the Canadian Federal Government it is mandatory that all courses are in both languages so this is important to us.

I just downloaded a trial of Articulate Studio which appears to be winning the hearts of the staff. (We all like Storyline but they want the editing to be in PowerPoint. It fits our workflow better.) So I will be attempting a similar solution in Studio.

Does anyone have suggestions for creating bilingual courses and isolating the student in one language once they select it?

Sorry for the long start to this discussion but I did not have time to make it shorter.


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