Creating a Multi-module CD/DVD

I have a 15 module course (so each section has its own pptx/ppta). 14 of the 15 have quizzes as well.

With Articulate 09 I was able to follow a tutorial ( to link all these modules together for the purpose of sending out a course on CD.

Updated to Articulate 13. The only way I have figured out to create a CD with all 15 modules is to create a gigantic pptx/ppta and use the menu for navigation.

The file is huge and often creates new ppta files if I make any changes. Also, the course does not play "smoothly" when the CD is inserted - the CD player is making lots of noise and the seekbar is jumpy....

I am asking if you have any recommendations for creating CDS with many modules with Articulate 13.

Happy Holidays and thank you!

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