Creating Sections in Articulate

I know I've seen this done and I'm sure it's a simple step I'm missing, but I haven't been able to find any driections online. 

I have created sections in my ppt document that I want to show up in Articulate so that the sections roll up in the navigation menu at the left when the Articulate File is published.   Even though I have created sections in PPT, I can't see them in articulate and can't find the right "swtich" to create them myself.

Any suggestions?

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Ron Price

Hey Amy,

It sounds like you might be referring to "Levels" in Slide Properties.  This allows you to identify a slide as a Level 2, etc. so that it is nested under a Level 1 slide.  When you get to the Level one, or heading slide, it opens up and displays the slides under that section.

You set that under slide properties.  In your player template design you can tweak how those levels behave.

Hope that helps . . .

Annie Jean

Hi Amy,

You need to go to slide properties. From there, you will apply a different level to your slide in accordance with the level you want them to show. Example : Title slides - Level 1, content - level 2, assesment relative to a specific content - level 3.

That should give you the result you are looking for once it is set for your slides.

Have a nice day!

Tim lambert

Hi all I'm experiencing a similar problem, when I go into Slide Properties to change the level all my slides are assigned to Level 1, when I select to change it gives me a dropdown and 1 is the only option to select, do i need to alter some other setting first to change the levels?

Many Thanks for your help?