Crossed wires with two engage interactions

I have two accordian engage interactions in a Presenter deck.  One called Law Firm and one called Law Department.  When I publish, I'm getting odd navigation happening.  Whenever, it should go to Law Firm, the later Law Department interaction plays (so in essence, I have no way to even see the content within Law Firm.

I have tried:

  • Renamed files LawFirm.intr from Law Firm.intr and Law Department.intr to LawDepartment.intr
  • Moved the Law Department interaction later in the presentation (not right after Law Firm)
  • When I delete Law Department and publish, Law Firm works fine (however, when both in there the problems occur

Any thoughts?

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Mike Kemmler

Starting to get a dejavu moment here.  I think the issue might be that I build an engage interaction to get it the way I wanted it.  Then I modified it for another topic/slide and did a save as.  When both are in the presentation, trouble.  Think I ran into this same thing back when new presenter studio came out.  Think this might be the same.  I went back and built one of these two from scratch, and now they are playing properly in same presentation.  Is this a known issue???