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We purchased several custom Articulate Skins (.artpkg files) that we have been using with Articulate Studio '09.  Now that we've upgraded to Studio '13 and now we can't seem to locate any of the custom player options we have been using.  We also can't seem to locate any of the saved player templates we created.  Where should I be looking?

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Adrian Dean

Hi Paul,

I'm sorry about the confusion. In Studio '09, custom skins were made possible due to Studio '09's SDK. With the advent of Studio '13, the entire player itself has been changed. As a result, any custom skins developed for Studio '09 will not currently work. There is also not any Studio '13 SDK available at this time either. It would make a nice feature request though.

For reference: Upgraded Presentations Use the Default Player in Articulate Presenter '13

Always Happy to Help,