custom swf interaction not working properly in AP

Oct 19, 2011

So I created a simple drag and drop in Flash (CS5/AS2), where you drag an object to a folder, it goes "in" the folder (essentially disappears), you get feedback on your choice, and keep going.

When I publish, I still have the drag/drop capability (as well as the rollover which highlights the object and displays a larger thumbnail of the object, and the caption for each object as well). However, when I drag them ot the folder, it doesn't disappear in the folder, and the feedback is not given.

Is there something special I have to put into the code to have it play nicely with AP? Any and all help would be much appreciated.

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David Burton


If a project works outside of AP but not when inserted, this would  indicate your movie levels are not referenced correctly. Remember, once you insert a movie into Presenter any reference to _root or _level0 in your movie will be referencing the Presenter Player _root and not your movie _root. More on Flash best pactices are outlined in the following link.

Try using _parent  to reference your movie where you might be using _level0 or _root.

I hope this helps!

David Burton


Yeah, the /targetCircle notation is an actionscript 1.0 function and needs to be converted/evaluated to dot notation when used inside of Presenter (AS2). Code similar to the following should work for you.

if (eval(this._droptarget) == folder);

Adobe Help document:

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