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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Elizabeth!

Not custom tabs, but you can utilize any of the following options and perhaps re-name the tab if needed.

Player tabs allow you to offer additional content to supplement your course. The player tabs appear along the top edge of the player in your published output—either in the sidebar or on the left or right topbar above your slide content.

In the Player Tabs section, mark the box next to the tabs you want to include in your course. Presenter provides the five ready-made tabs listed below.

  • Exit: Mark this box if you want to provide a quick link for exiting the course and closing the browser window. (This tab can only appear on the topbar; it can't be moved to the sidebar.) If you choose not to include the Exit tab, learners can still exit the course at any time by simply closing the browser window.
  • Resources: Mark this box if you want to provide learners with resources related to your course. You can include file attachments, links to websites, or a combination of both. (Learn how to add resources to the player.)
  • Menu: Mark this box if you want to display a menu of the slide titles in your course. (Learn how to customize the menu.)
  • Glossary: Mark this box if you want to include a glossary in your course player. (Learn how to add terms to the glossary.)
  • Notes: Mark this box if you want learners to be able to view slide notes in your player. (Learn how to add notes.)

In addition to the built-in tabs described above, you can also add quizzes and interactions to player tabs. Click here for details.