Data folder is empty when I publish

When I try to publish (I tried LMS and CD) I get a confirmation that it published succesfully, but the data folder is empty and it's blank when I try to view the presentation.  It works fine when I preview, the files are local, the file names are not long, and I've re-installed articulate.  I'm on 32-bit Windows, Powerpoint 2010.  It was working a couple of weeks ago.

Any ideas?

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Barb P

I'm having the same problem. I could publish and successfully launch my presentation before, but now it goes through the publishing process but when I launch, I get a blank screen and the data folder is empty.

I submitted a case (Case #00362369), but it was determined that it is the fonts in the template I'm using. This isn't the cause because first, it worked before with the same template and second, my colleagues are able to publish just fine using the same template.

I reverted back to an earlier system restore point (Windows 7) and then uninstalled/reinstalled Articulate Studio. I then opened the template file and saved it under a different name and published it to test whether I can publish a new presentation (which I couldn’t before I reverted/uninstalled/reinstalled) – It worked, but I still can’t publish my original presentation.

So it should work if I rebuild the presentation from scratch, since I can now publish from a new file. In theory, that is, except when I try to use Engage to rebuild the interactive slide I have in the presentation, I am prompted for the serial number to activate it. The serial number I have is apparently for Presenter only and not for Engage. I assume I’m going to have the same issue with Quizmaker when I try to rebuild the assessment in my presentation.

I don’t get why this is occurring, either because it worked previously – The Presenter license activated all apps in the Studio package before, but now it won’t.

What a complete nightmare. I could have published a week ago or more if not for these software issues. I’m in the weeds with this – my boss is sweating because her boss is sweating her!

Can anyone help? I’d really like to keep my job.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Barb and welcome to E-Learning Heroes! I checked the case that you referenced here and I think that Wilbert is simply trying to continue to help you, he was just mentioning that he got an error about the fonts. For your serial number issues as well as understanding your publishing issues I think that it would be best if you continued to work in your support case. Share what you have shared here in a response back to your case