Dealing with Equipment Failures and/or Transmission Interruptions

Nov 15, 2011

As I deploy my first Presenter ’09 / Articulate Online based E-learning presentation, the regulatory agency requires me to describe how I shall accommodate the following:

What provision is made for handling equipment failures, including hardware or software failures or transmission interruptions, and provide appropriate instructor and/or technical support, as necessary, to enable students to satisfactorily complete the course in the event of such failure or interruption.

Just wondering if anyone has suggestions based on having dealt in the past with this type of requirement.

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Peter Anderson

Hey Bill,

Congrats on the completion of your presentation! As for the Articulate Online security and reliability, this should have all the answers you need:

If there's any other information regarding Articulate that you need, let me know. And as far as the instructor-related concerns, that would of course, be in your hands. But rest assured knowing we're happy to support our software and Articulate Online.

Good luck, Bill! I'm sure it will be a success!

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