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Stefano Posti

Ok, then.

But do you use a LMS or not? How do you sell your modules? that is the point!

For example, if you use an LMS, you could create a Course with an assessment tool that gives the student proper feedback on his needs (Like: you should take Course A ; or: You should take both Course A and both Course B);

Now: it's very hard to auto-subscribe the user to the needed Courses, it would mean that deep flash code can access LMS data and DB....

But the sudent, knowing that he hast to take this or that course, or both, can subscribe; most of LMS allow teachers/admins to give students enrollment keys to access courses, also with Credit carc payment system...

It's all manual, anyway; but you should consider to put each module in a separate course...

Module Prerequisites in a course mean in almost all cases that you have to complete a module in order to access the following one... What you need is branching at course-level, outside Articulate... Does it exist? If it does, only Absorb LMS could have it, since it is the most flexible LMS around.

Hope I was clear...and it helps!

Johanna Heath

Hi Stefano

This is a commercial application, so yes, we sell the courses. Each module is a separate course. We want to ensure that prerequisites are enforced both at the time the courses are purchased and when training is being done.

To date, we have not used an LMS. We are using a bespoke implementation. The main reason for this is that at the time this was created, E-commerce integrations for LMS's were thin on the ground! 

The courses are very simple, approxomately 30 minutes each with a fail / pass assessment in the form of a quiz at the end of each.

I must say I find it astonishing that it is not something that is generally available in LMSs. Surely our requirement isn't all that unique?