Desperatly needing help

Hello everyone...

Well, I have been working with Articulate Studio Pro 09 - Update 5 and everything was good until yesterday...

I might have done something wrong but I have no idea what the problem is but Articulate just stopped working.

I get a message, when i try to open it... I have install it over and over and nothing...

When I'm running installation I get installLicense.exe error and after the installation nothing works.

I looked for a solution and saw something about runing gpedit.msc but my windows 7 home premium doesn't have that command.

I'm in the middle of several works and going crazy...

Something else happened. I have some published files that worked perfectly (launch_presentation.exe was working) and now they don't work, nothing shows. But when I open player.html every thing works.

If someone has any ideas I would be much appreciated

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Charles Zoffuto


Over a year ago, I had something similar, happen. Literally one day Articulate stopped working and I had no idea why. Well to make a long story short, I was using the Verizon Anti-Virus and there was an upgrade. It was after that upgrade that I determined everything went the South. I ended up getting a new Anti-Virus and all is better now. So,  think back and see if you have made any updates in the recent past. Hope that helps...

Paul Taylor Hess

Yes, this is happening to me, too. I just posted this: and then thought to dig in deeper into the forums and found yours. I was gone for 2 weeks, everything working fine when I left, only to find it non-operational upon return.

I am in contact with support, having gone through all of the proposed solutions, but with no luck. Is this a wide-spread issue?



Brian Batt

Hi Jose,

We were able to resolve Paul's issue by installing Update 8 of the Articulate software.  Please use the link below to download the latest installation file:

Just fill out the forms & then select the EXE download on the following screen.  Make sure that you save the EXE to your Desktop before running it.

If you continue to have issues, please let me know.

Jose Antonio Gomes

Hi Brian,

My problem is a bit different. It's not about runtime problems, but I might also have them...

It's that now my installation of 09 update 5... just doesn´t work...

installLicense.exe not working...

And then engage saids it stoped working

And when I install articulate 09 update 8, when I go to insert the serial number the activate button is not available to be pressed on...

I put my serial wrong a couple of times and now it doesn´t allow me to click on activate button...

I think I will format my computer in order to be able to install update 8 like I did the first time... will my serial work the same?


Brian Batt

Hi Jose,

If you enter your serial number into the serial number activation box and your "Activate" button is still gray and not clickable, please verify your serial number information from your original order email. The "Activate" button will only be grayed out if you have entered an invalid serial number.  For more information, see the link below: