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Phil Mayor

Mohan, I think this is really a case of where you need to investigate Storyline.  Like flash it is a tool and can be used for many jobs it is really up to the user to decide which tool is the correct one.  There are many things flash can do that Storyline can do and vice-versa.

I could give you many examples and still not scratch the surface, my reccommendation is for you to look at Storyline and see what it can do.

Bruce Graham


From my perspective I do not have to learn to use Flash! 

I can produce content for clients without having to know how to code in Flash, the products handle this for me.

That saves my clients time and money, they tend to move towards Articulate developers rather than Flash developers, as typically they do not have to spend money on hours and hours of Flash coding - as it it is all done automatically when I press a button.

Articulate products are specifically to creating innovative learning/training solutions, Flash is just a generic tool, (as I understand it...)

Hope that helps.

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