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May 26, 2017


Kind of a newbie question here, but I've created a presentation in Presenter and there's two different file icons for it appearing on my desktop.  One is the standard Powerpoint file and the other is, I guess, the Presenter file (says so in its 'properties').  When I open the Presenter file it seems to take me to the Powerpoint screen, and this is all just fine, but it leaves me with a question: when publishing the project, does it matter which file I open to do that?  ie: should I open the Powerpoint file and hit 'publish' or open the Presenter file and hit 'publish'? Does it even matter?   Thanks.

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Crystal Horn

Hi Kit!  Welcome to Articulate!  😁

The PowerPoint (.ppt) file is the one you'll want to open when working on and publishing your file.  

The .ppta file is the container that holds the Articulate elements of your course.  Here's an article explaining the .ppta file.

Ultimately, your project is a PowerPoint presentation, and Articulate Presenter plugs in to add interactive elements, assessments and other cool experiences for your learners!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Gopi and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Thanks for reaching out. It looks like you've shared an .exe file with us here and I'm not in the habit of opening those.

Based on the conversation here, I assume you may be looking for a version to use in your Presenter software? I'd look for a folder or .zip file of a Presenter Package with the file name.

The .ppt or .pptx file is the one you'd want to open directly for any editing needs.

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