Different Versions of Presenter and causing issues


I'm trying to make some edits to a Presenter doc that was created last year.   I'm able to open the PPT but when I click "Articulate" and want to do anything such as view the player, preview a slide, the entire thing freezes and I get an error message so have to CNTL/ALT/DEL to fix it.  

However, my colleague can open the same file and edit it, etc just fine.  I have a version with update 9 but my colleague has update 8.  Do you think that has anything to do with it?


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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Sheri,

Sorry to hear you are having difficulty. Your details are very helpful though and let us know that it is probably not the file that is the issue, but perhaps your installation.

I'd advise the repair listed here.

Let us know if things start working better for you or if we need to take a deeper look.