Difficulty publishing multiple quizzes in Presenter

Feb 14, 2011

Where I have a single quiz included in a Presenter presentation: If I update the quiz then when I next publish the Presenter presentation it automatically updates the quiz to the latest version. OK so far.

However, I have a large presentation with mutliple quizzes - the actual quiz to be run is selected by the user.

When I publish, Presenter automatically detects which quizzes have been updated, but has difficulty in performing the update. When I select "Update" I get the message:

Unable to update Quiz slide - (quiz name)

If this quiz is already open in Articulate Quizmaker then please close it and republish

I DON'T have it open in Quizmaker!  As the message asks so nicely (please!), I follow the next instruction but get the same result....

So far my only workaround has been to publish each updated quiz manually into the Presenter module, but this adds more error-prone manual steps.

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Peter Hers


Why the path limit of 128 characters?  Seems a strange limit...

But I checked this. 

Definitely not a network drive!

The "true" path length in Win 7, including the file name is 124 characters.  It could possibly be longer if Presenter uses the Desktop\Libraries\Documents\My Documents ... path.

The actual string is "

C:\Users\Peter\My Documents\1C2 - Version 2 - PRINCE2 2009\6 - Sect 8 Foundation tests\Output\Ch 4 - Business Case Test.quiz

But why your reply screen parses it in this way remains another mystery!

 I searched to see if there are any similar restrictions.  The only reference I can find is http://www.articulate.com/support/presenter09/kb/?p=2347 which mentions a limit of 256 bytes.

Peter Hers


No, if I understand you correctly...

The structure is as follows:

6- Sect 8 Foundations Tests




     Publish 96k     (Publish to here)





I use the same basic structure, with different names, for approx. 20 separate modules of this product.

Brian Batt

Hi Peter,

Would you mind submitting a support case to us so that we can take a closer look at the issue?

Please create an Articulate Presenter package, then upload the zip file to our server. You can review how to do this here: 

Send to Articulate Presenter Package – Articulate Presenter ’09 Help

Upload the resulting zip file from your computer to our server using this upload form: 

Articulate Support - Upload Your Files for Review 

Please be sure to include a description of your issue, your version of PowerPoint, version of Windows and version of Presenter '09 which you can find in Help and Support -> About Articulate Presenter. Please also include the URL for this thread so we can follow up with you in the forums.

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