Disable slide timing in advance by User mode

I have had many issues with slide timing and the issue seems to come up often from others in the forums.  There have been plenty of good suggestions on how to adjust timing and sync timing BUT I've come to the conclusion that the best "fix" for us is to disable timing completely.  Is there a way to do that? Our courses will always include slides that are "advanced by User" and most of our courses include animations, a few of them include audio. Our users are "fast" readers who get VERY impatient waiting for that play button to appear.  I'll break an e-learning rule here and say that, for us, slide timing is not critical and if the user wants to bypass animations and audio, that's fine with us, all they have to do is pass the final quiz .. which is extensive AND limited to the number of times they can try (there's the incentive to review the slides). 

All of that FINALLY said, my question remains: In user advance mode, is there a way to completely disable slide timing so the "play" button appears as soon as the slide appears. 

Thank you, BTW, Articulate is the BEST !!

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Justin Wilcox

If the navigation is set to Free then a person shouldn't have to wait for a slide to complete before they go to the next slide.


Another thing you might want to consider is to give users the option to take the quiz right at the beginning. So on your first slide you could ask a simple question in PowerPoint or even as a Quizmaker quiz:

"Do you want to go straight to the quiz or do you want to review the course first?"

In PowerPoint you can simply add hyperlinks to direct user's to the presentation or the quiz.

In Quizmaker you can set the Finish action of your quiz to go to the presentation or the quiz.

The minimum number of seconds a slide could display without audio or animations is 1 second. However if your slide contains animations or audio, the slide's duration will always be the longer of the two.

Betty Mills

This drives me insane!  I have tried everything.  I simply want the user to click forward when they are ready for each slide.  The only way I have been able to achieve this is by going to the Audio Editor and removing the preset timings.  This is irritating enough but it does not always save and I have to repeat.  In these particular ppt, there is no audio, none.  I do not want any timing set for the slides.  In the slide property manager it is set to advance by User.  Help!!!

Justin Wilcox

Hi Betty and welcome to Heroes! Sorry to hear about the frustration. Slide timings are completely depending on several things:

  1. Does your slide have narration?
  2. Does your slide have animations?
  3. Did your slide at one time have narration but it has since been removed?
  4. Presentations -> Publish Options -> Slides without audio or animation display for x seconds.

If your slides picked up timing from any of these settings you would likely need to copy the contents of the slide to a new slide and then delete the old slide. This will ensure that there are no residual timings and that Presenter will only use the timings that are currently specified in number 4.

Ruth Flores

Hello. I have a related problem. Like Betty, I want the user to have to click for the next slide to appear in SOME of the slides. We recorded a speaker for the presentation, and there are about 4 times that he says, "The course will now pause." I have cut the audio so that it and the slide end there. But I would like the viewer to have to click on the next slide to restart the course.

I have gone to "Slide Properties" and clicked on "By User" under the "Advance" column for these four slides. When I preview these slides, they just start automatically, not waiting for me to click on them to start. How can I require the user to click on these four particular slides in order for the course to continue?