disabling pass/fail in TinCan files

Hello everyone - I'm publishing TinCan files from Presenter '13 and using them in our LMS, LearnUpon. The files are published from Presenter to report as Complete/Incomplete, per number of slides viewed. 

The modules have a quiz created in Quizmaker, but the results of that Quiz should not affect the final status of the module; we are only interested in knowing if the user views all of the slides or not. 

However, However, LearnUpon is getting a Pass/Fail status for these modules. It seems that the quiz is still sending a Pass/Fail status to the LMS. 

I've also tested these modules in the SCORM cloud and the files are sending a Complete/Incomplete status, as they should. 

Is anyone else using LearnUpon and having these same issues with Articulate files? 

Is there any way to disable the Presenter file from sending a Pass/Fail status? 

I'd appreciate any insights,



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