Disappearing/Reappearing color schemes

So lately, after the last Articulate update, which I have installed several times to try check if it was a bad update) i have noticed that when i go to publish for Web, my title name changes to "1", my player templates are not showing in the drop down list, and when i actually hit the "Publish" button, i get an error saying that resources cannot be found. Which I can see, as they are not showing up (a better error message might come in handy here.)

To fix this issue, I have to restart the computer.

Things I have tried to no avail before restarting:

1. Restarting PPT in safe mode so Articulate does not load. then restarting in normal mode.

2. Disabling and enabling the add-in via the PPT options dialog.

3. Logging off as the current user and logging back in.

4. Opening a new PPT file and doing a publish as a blank file.

is there anybody else having this issue? All the developers here (5) are seeing this happen at least once to twice a week on both new and old files.

System info:

Processor: Xeon 5630


OS: XP Pro SP3

Articulate Studio '09 (v6.3.1009.1313 Pro)

Office 2007

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Justin Wilcox

That can mean several things are happening but usually it would mean that there are multiple instances of POWERPNT.EXE or AP6.EXE running. Here's how you can resolve this without starting your computer:

  1. Right click your task bar and select Task Manager.
  2. Select the Processes tab.
  3. Click Image Name.
  4. Select AP6.exe and hit End Process.
  5. Select POWERPNT.EXE and hit End Process.
  6. Open PowerPoint and things should work as expected.
Dwayne Schamp

I have done that in the past, and it works sometimes, but not others. I am seeing this on more than one computer as well, and just after this last update. I never remember this happening prior to that, and have been a user for over 5 years. Could there be any other explanation as to this happening?

Dwayne Schamp

Just had another occurrence of the issue.

1. no options in the AP publish window.

2. one copy of AP6.exe

3. one copy of Powerpoint.exe

4. error message (unable to get powerpoint reference. Please close this dialog and restart it.)

both points 2 and 3 verified with task manager. i do have screen shots.

user quit PPT but the AP6 instance was still running.

Killing that instance resolved the problem.

My problem is, why is this happening in the first place? A stated, only one instance of both PPT and AP6 was active when the error occurred.

Any ideas?