Disappearing Text

For some reason when I preview or publish my articulate module all the text has disappeared. I tried copy and re-pasting a few of the text boxes...but this didn't seem to help. Plus, the idea of having to cut and paste all my text boxes to get the presentation to work doesn't sound very fun...I have a lot of text.

So if someone could shed some light on this issue that would be fantastic. Thanks so much.


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Patricia Eresjö

Same thing just happened to me, tried the solution above, but it's not helping. That is -when I preview the slide the text is now there, but when publishing to my LMS, the text is gone. I use Windows 8 btw. I'm thankful for all help I can get since I got about 2 500 slides with the same font (Myriad Pro) and It would take an incredible amount of time to change it.


Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Patricia!

And really sorry you're experiencing trouble with the text. Just to be able to rule out the Microsoft update as the culprit, have you tried clearing the cache on your browser after re-publishing and viewing on your LMS? That will ensure that you're seeing the most recent version. 

If the text is still gone, please contact our support team, and they'll be happy to to help get this resolved. Thanks!

Patricia Eresjö

Hello Peter, and thanks

The problem is now solved. It turns out that the Microsoft update I thought I uninstalled was actually still there (must have installed itself again after my reboot), happily removing all the text thinking it did a good job! I gave it a good talking to, uninstalled it again and voila! It is now gone forever and my text is back! Thanks for the tip above and thanks for getting back to me.


Rachel Reed

Thank you both for your input.

I'm not really sure what was up with my computer. I didn't uninstall anything, but I did reboot my computer, and for now that seems to be working. My text has returned (HORRAY) and my Articulate seems to be working fine again. All that said, should I have the same issue in the future I will definitely remember this thread.

It is always a little heart stopping when all your text goes missing, but hopefully it won't happen again...or at least if it does I will know better what to try before freaking. Ha.

Thanks again.

Mereki White

There's a lovely man I work with, who has had something similar happen to him in the last few days.  He was working on a powerpoint, full of information, and when he published using presenter none of the text would appear - and it actually DELETED all the content on a great number of his slides.  i.e. back to a white, blank, 'click to add' slide.  He believes it was every time there was a slide which had a large image in the background.  Unfortunately he hadn't saved another version of the pptx file, so he has lost all the information.

Now, he is determined to continue the project in captivate.  But I'd like to solve the issue so he doesn't write off articulate completely.  Has this happened to anyone else?  Was there a solution?

Peter Anderson

Hey Mereki!

Any chance he'd be able to share his project with us? We'd be happy to help, if so. First, he'll want to create an Articulate Presenter Package of his presentation as described here. Then he can upload the resulting zip file from his computer on the second page of this form, and we''ll attempt to diagnose what's happening when we receive the upload. Thanks!