Dissallow last page unless all previous are viewed


In our project, we need to dissallow the user from access the last slide of the course unless they have viewed all previous slides (eg. of 40 slides, the user cannot see slide 40 undless tehy have view 1 through 39 before).

Here is the hard part...

We need this rule to take place while allowing Free navigation in the player template.

Our course has no branching.

I have gone through the forums and do not see this function mentioned anywhere except when estricting navigation. This is not an option.

Any suggestions?

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Dennis Hall

Thanks Peter:

This is the current solution. In fact we have even added a QM question before the hidden page that asks the user to select Yes or No to there having viewed all content. If they select yes, they advance to the conclusion, no returns them to slide 1.

That does add one question...

I use StoryLine which allows me to use variables, however, I cannot find any variables for Studio09. Are we able to manipulate variables in Studio09?

If so, can I get a link to those variables?

My objective is to direct the user to the first unread slide.

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Dennis Hall

Holly Eva

Dennis, I feel your pain. I have the same issue only I would like to restrict access to the final assessment until a specific date and we also have to keep free navigation. I don't make all the slides required to view because there are some elements in the course that are supplementary as opposed to essential. 

From what I've seen on the boards, there are no triggers in Studio '09, which is part of what makes StoryLine so attractive. Studio does a good job though of hiding slides in the slide properties so I make my final assessment level 3 and they are directed to an intermediate level 2 slide asking if the user is sure they are ready to take the final assessment.

Dennis Hall

Hi Holly:

In your case, if you can use the LMS to restrict the start date of the exam.

You can publish the exam as a seperate module (possibly within a program) and also apply a prerequisite of completed status with that.

Doing this will ensure that your users do complete all content prior to accessing the exam AND also not enable the exam until that date.

Doing the work this way is a very standard process for what you are trying to acheive.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Holly Eva

Thanks Dennis, unfortunately my LMS is not quite there yet. They offered a similar recommendation only it involved a "token" so the instructor would give out the password to the exam on the day it should be accessed. I feel like technology has gone beyond that and that we shouldn't be restricted to one more manual process so very stubbornly I've refused this offering (that and it's one more thing for them to bill us for).

Still dreaming of the perfect LMS... if only Articulate Online integrated with our eCommerce on our netFORUM database