Distorted text & images

In the Powerpoint template we use for our Articulate webinars, we have our corporate logo. It’s a Powerpoint vector object and should look perfect at any size. When we publish it as from Articulate, though, something weird happens. It looks great on the first slide, and is distorted thereafter. (It is the exact same graphic on the master slides.) Any ideas why?

Additionally, text on the published slides randomly displays as bold or not, although it is not bold in the Powerpoint file. (We use Calibri TTF, if that matters.) In a sample page I’m playing with right now, I have two blocks of text with the exact same settings, and one clearly looks bold while the other doesn’t. Is this a known issue?


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Brian Batt

Hi George,

These random issues are typically caused by a corrupt installation of Office or a corrupt PowerPoint file.  Please use the following method to repair your Microsoft Office installation:

Office 2010 / 2007:


Office 2003 / 2002 (XP):


Office 2000:


Then restart your computer, and verify that the Articulate add-ins are properly enabled in PowerPoint.  Here's how:



If you continue to have issues, try repairing your PowerPoint file by using the method in the link below:


If you still have issues, please submit a support case by using the link below: