Does anyone launch lessons with sniffers?

Our end-user audience will soon be 11,000 students. We do provide learning centers for this audience although most students prefer to launch our lessons from their personal computers and it is this “at home” group that most often calls our support staff with issues.

Our LMS team has asked if we could look into incorporating a sniffer at the start of our lessons in order to notify our students that they will potentially have either hardware or software compatibility issues if they continue through a lesson. Has anyone tried this or have experience with incorporating a sniffer when launching Articulate lessons?

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Oliver Stankovsky

My division’s management team is currently involved with other groups and divisions in negotiations over the amount of testing we need to support and complete prior to allowing a lesson to be delivered live from the LMS server. We are a large corporation and the division that controls the LMS has asked us to look into placing a sniffer into the beginning of our lessons. Information concerning additional options is good to have and may be helpful to us but I first need to cover the task I was given in finding and providing to management information and answers to the sniffer question and the positives or negatives so that our combined management teams can discuss and come to their own conclusion on this topic.

So, what I’m hoping to find out is if anyone has used a sniffer with Articulate.