Does Articulate Presenter embed fonts when publishing project?

Aug 01, 2011

My client would like for me to use a non-system-standard font for the text in a course we are developing using Articulate. As I understand it, you can embed fonts in Flash projects so that they display correctly, even if they aren't on the viewer's system.

Does Articulate embed fonts so that non-system fonts can be used? Are there any limitations about the type of fonts that can be used?

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Brian Batt

Hi Cyrelle,

During the publishing process, we basically rasterize the text on each slide, combine it with the other elements on the slide, & convert it into a single SWF file for each slide.  Thus, as long as Flash Player is able to understand the font during the publishing process, it should work as expected.

For more information, see the link below:

(Basically, make sure that you're using a True Type font and you should be okay.)

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